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Distributor Opportunity

After years of extensive research, product development, and heavy investment into our facilities... Capable of producing 40,000 lbs. of bulk product per day, we are now uniquely positioned to bring our award winning products around the globe. 

Do you feel you are the right individual or organization that can represent our extensive line of products?  We are currently seeking distribution partners in all corners of the world!  Contact Us to find out how to join our dynamic team...

We are a Federally Licensed Maple Packing Plant( REG. NO. 3376), as well our products are Kosher Certified (COR 690)...  And most recently we have achieved certification by Ecocert, making us the FIRST CERTIFIED ORGANIC MANUFACTURING PLANT TO PRODUCE A 100% NATURAL CERTIFIED ORGANIC SYRUP, for our patented 100% Natural Original Canadian Maple Taste Syrup!  

Our Distributor/Broker structure is setup to allow you to gain immediate entry and respect in your marketplace.  We provide you all the necessary marketing material you need to supplement you existing income, or to build a highly profitable business. Contact us today to learn more.

Private Label

Our products are great for private labeling, whether you wish to put your label on one of our many existing products or work with our research and development team to create a unique blend of your own.  Our private label products enable you to lead the category with higher quality than the national brands at very competitive prices.  We currently private label for large grocery chains who are benifiting from the success of our products.

You build the brand Identity and we can supply you with innovative products, reliable service, and quality second to none.  Your customers will never look back!

Contact us today.


Do you know of an organization that would benifit by carrying our unique line of quality maple products?  Not quite ready to start your own business, but would like to add a recurring source of revenue?  We want to talk with you!  Our aggressive marketing team will give a percentage of sales generated by you for producing quality customers....  All you need to do is contact us and we will work together at helping you build a recurring revenue stream!


Please stay tuned to hear more about our new fundraising initiatives...