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Industry Recognition


Canadian Syrup Inc. Federal Licensed Maple Packing Plant REG. NO. 3376 , Now is Kosher Certified, COR 690, and Certified Organic by Ecocert Canada.

Steeves Maples has been producing Maple Syrup since 1869 and is very proud to add our 100% Natural Certified Organic Original Canadian Maple Taste Syrup to our product line which is a very price competitive product compared to Organic Pure Maple Syrup, which we also have.

Innovation & Research

Extensive research, innovation and hard work are the keys to our success and we are proud of where we have been and where we are going....

Steeves Maples 100% Natural Original Canadian Maple Taste Syrup is much more consistent in flavour and color as well there is a tremendous cost saving on the patent processing which makes it less expensive than Pure Maple Syrup, and holds all the same characteristics to keep it 100% natural. Our patented product can only be purchased from Canadian Syrup inc. or its distributors.  This product won the #1 new Product Grocery Award in Canada, and has won many Canadian taste tests.  This patent product also contains natural benefits the same as our 100% Pure Maple Syrup.

Original Canadian Syrup wins best new grocery products in Canada


A significant Cost savings

Because our Original Canadian is much more consistent than Pure Maple Syrup, and holds all the same characteristics it can be used for everything Pure Maple syrup can be used for.... right down to making granulated sugar.

It is little wonder that at a cost savings of over half that of Pure Maple Syrup,  it has become a favorite within the baking industry!

Significant cost savings benefit the Bakery industry

Taste is everything

Bottom line, consumers are the biggest judge on your products....   We feel that satisfying our customers is the biggest reward or recognition that can be acheived.  

Alan Irvine, Executive Chef gives his Highest recommendation!

In taste tests our Origanal Canadian Syrup regularly wins against Pure Maple Syrup, even against our own!